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About Me

As an artist, I would rather draw a picture than draw attention to myself. As a writer, I would ask for a longer word count, while the coach in me would say, “This isn’t about me, let’s talk about you.”

But since this is about me...

Hi, I’m Elle de Marié, a British Canadian currently living in the US. My last name is pronounced "dee Ma-ree" and my first name is just like the letter “L.” My pronouns are she/her.

I am a multifaceted artist, writer, coach, and people watcher.

I am fascinated by the human face. It’s a byproduct of trauma—that kind of hyper-vigilance—always watching for micro-expressions to assess the situation and my safety in the world. It is a superpower I call upon when painting the creases of a smile, or showing a character’s hidden motivation, or discovering an unexpressed desire by catching the split-second glint in a client’s eye. 

I believe two things can be true at once. For example, I am a sex trafficking survivor and a PEN America Emerging Voices Fellow. I have a legacy of trauma and a resilient, joyful heart.


I am an alumni of Bread Loaf Writers Conference, Community of Writers, and UCLA’s Writers Studio. I have studied with generous, talented writers including Cheryl Strayed, Janet Fitch, Samantha Dunn, Pam Houston, David Ulin, Bernard Cooper, and my first writing teacher, poet liz gonzalez. 

I am a writer who deconstructed the memoir I had worked on for over 10 years to began writing a new manuscript from a place of heart-centered listening in search of what this life was trying to teach me after an unimaginable betrayal.


I am an artist who works in watercolors, pen & ink, mixed media, digital media, and fine art pastels. My paintings have been exhibited in galleries and private collections.

I was a doodler until I enrolled in an art class, because my therapist, at the time, insisted I find something to offset our intense Tuesday and Thursday sessions. I picked the Wednesday morning class because it fit my schedule.

I was unaware of the breath of talent the instructor, an unassuming Santa Claus look-alike, held, nor was I aware of the generosity of this man’s spirit. Roger Armstrong, whose paintings were exhibited in over 300 private and public collections, including the Smithsonian Institution, became my mentor and dear friend—and in return, I became his assistant and part of his family. Roger poured his heart into mine, until his death in 2017, always reminding me, “When you feel blue, just pick up a brush and paint.”


I am a trauma-informed life coach, intuitive counselor, and certified creativity coach. I teach others how to heal with self-compassion and create a soul-centered life by making self-honoring choices and

heart-centered decisions. I believe we each hold the answers we seek.

I am the proud founder and host of the original Wake Up & Write! workshop series and a trusted facilitator of narrative therapy that helps writers and non-writers redefine the stories they tell themselves by separating their problems from their life story which creates an empowering viewpoint from which to thrive.

I believe financial insecurity should not be an additional barrier to finding self-empowerment and self-care,

so every service I offer includes scholarships and sliding scales with a focus on underserved and underrepresented individuals. 


I believe in soul-contracts and I believe in science. I believe LBGTQ+ rights are human rights and using preferred pronouns are a sign of respect. I believe black and brown and AAPI communities are living under extreme mental and emotional distress and retraumatization. I believe Black Lives Matter. I believe inclusivity and diversity is for the betterment of all. I believe systemic racism and implicit bias are real and should no longer be ignored. I believe we live in an abundant universe and change is possible, but expecting a person (and a community) to pull themselves up by their bootstraps when they can’t afford boots is privileged bullshit. I believe empowering others does not diminish your power in any way. The opposite occurs, so why not give it go. I believe in you.

I believe in love. 


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